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Top Gun CostumesTom Cruise is a legend and so are all of his movies. But even among all the legendary movies that he did, the 1986 Top Gun movie is one of a kind. The title is still a ringing sensation in the ears of audiences worldwide and the movie is still sought-after even today. This is just one of the many reasons why the Top Gun costume will surely be such a hit in just about any costume party.

The costume is stylish and yet simple. It features the all-familiar military green jumpsuit design which is common among American fighter aircraft pilots. And even though it is very eye-catching with its iconic and gorgeous look, it is actually very comfortable to move around with. This makes it perfect for motion.

But the jumpsuit uniform is not the only design there is in the Top Gun costume line. The main character of the Top Gun movie wore several outfits throughout the film. One of the most popular is the iconic leather black jacket that comes with the unmistakable Top Gun Logo. With its leathery and tough guy look, it surely emanates with a cool image. This is one hot costume to wear.

The jacket of course is best worn with blue jeans, a white shirt, and a pair of sunglasses. With all of these, the look is amplified to a high level of sexiness. The girls who will attend that costume party better be prepared to be magnetized because this one costume is overflowing with high energy sex appeal.

Alright, so all the available designs in the Top Gun costume line are indeed hot and gorgeous. But is that all there is to it? Of course there are more. Backing these wonderful costumes is the fame of the movie Top Gun itself. But why is the movie so famous? Perhaps it is better to go over the story plot again.

In the story plot of the movie, a young man named Lieutenant Maverick Mitchell played by Tom Cruise became a pilot of an aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. His exceptional piloting skills became apparent eventually and this earned him the title of rookie. Together with his backseat pilot Nick Goose Bradshow played by Anthony Edwards, the sky became their kingdom.

And as you already know, little boys and big boys alike love a good military action. And with the main character played by the super gorgeous hunk actor Tom Cruise, the energy of the movie just skyrocketed to colossal heights. No doubt, the Top Gun costume will be a good choice for boys and big boys.

But how about the tough girls who also adore the Top Gun movie, is there not a costume for them? Of course there is. Included in the Top Gun costume line are versions for the females. There is flight dress which is the female version of the jumpsuit uniform and there is also a smaller version of the black leather jacket for the ladies.

So whether you are a guy, a lady, or a kid, there is a Top Gun costume for you. By wearing the costume, you are not only paying tribute to the legendary Tom Cruise movie but you will also become irresistibly hot yourself.

Top Gun Costumes Click Here To See The Full Range of Top Gun Costumes

Available Top Gun Costume Sizes

available sizesThe appeal of the Top Gun movie transcends age and gender. Everyone from a young kid to an adult is magnetized by the classic movie Top Gun. Therefore, it is only just that there should be available sizes for all.

Thankfully, the Top Gun Costume line includes outfits for both men and women. And the available range of sizes is also impressive. The available sizes run from small, medium, to large. So whatever your size, there is a Top Gun costume that will fit you.

Also, there are versions of Top Gun Costumes that are made for young toddlers. But what is really surprising is that there is also a version that is especially made for young babies. With these costumes, your young kid will be an eye-catching splendor in any Halloween party of kid’s party.

So before you buy, check your vital statistics first. Since there are plenty of available sizes, you really should get the one that will fit you perfectly.

Top Gun Background Information

Top Gun informationThe Top Gun movie is one of the most legendary movies of Tom Cruise. Of course, everyone knows that Tom Cruise is a legend in Hollywood and that every movie he does end up becoming a top grossing film. But even among his repertoire of movies, the Top Gun is exceptional. Therefore, wearing the Top Gun costume will make you cool, hot, gorgeous, and totally noticeable.

Historically, the story of Top Gun is largely influenced by the wars fought by America in real life. The story centered on the life of a fighter plane pilot and his battles with his inner self and inner fears. So there is both an element of action and sentiment in the film. This made it appeal to a wide scope of audiences.

Influences of the World War 1 and World War 2 can also be observed in the movie and this is probably because both wars were fought before the production of the Top Gun movie. The history indeed provided an important backbone to the movie.

Top Gun Movies & TV Shows

Top Gun MoviesDo you know what is common among movies that become a big success? Usually, if a movie wins several awards and becomes a top-grossing film, the producers would arrange for a sequel. And if it is really, good, a remake would be made after a decade or so.

And the Top Gun movie is indeed a masterpiece so one would expect a sequel or a remake. However, the director of the original film Tony Scott refused the offer of Paramount pictures to produce another Top Gun movie. It is probably because Tony Scott was already satisfied with the quality of the original.

And although it is highly likely that the big screen will no longer see another Top Gun movie, the video game industry saw a production of video games bearing the title. The first Top Gun game was released in 1987. And in modern times, versions for the Sony Playstation and Sony Playstation 2 were released.

Similar Costumes

If you will be wearing a Top Gun Costume, it is best if the costume that your friends will sport is related to your own costume. For similar or related outfits, your friends can try military or soldier costumes. Of course, high ranking uniforms like general costumes are better.

And because of the similarity of the story theme and story environment, G.I Joe costumes might also be a good idea. After all, there is an element of American patriotism in the movie Top Gun as well as in the comics and cartoon series of G.I Joe.

Other pilot costumes are also related. The regular aircraft pilot costume is a stylish choice and will also make quite an exciting appearance in any costume party. And for the females, stewardess costumes and female soldier costumes will be a great choice.

You can also add accessories like rifles, guns, and pilot hat to complete the look. In any case, make sure that the accessories you will use will match your chosen outfit.

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